Ujoint Misphasing


Phased ujoints are when the pinch bolt slots are inline with each other or 180 degree opposite each other.  This can cause binding.

Misphased ujoints are when the pinch bolt slots are 90 degree from each other.  This is the best install configuration.

Binding can happen when you are turning the steering wheel and feel a 'hard spot' or a resistance at the same point in the rotation.  Eliminate this by positioning the pinch bolt slots 90 degrees from each other.  All of Unisteer's shafts are splined on one end to allow mis-phasing.


If you still feel a resistance point while turning, turn the ujoint on the splined end of the 3/4 DD shaft one or two teeth either direction.  Keep adjusting as needed.  If you have a 3 ujoint steering shaft kit, just make sure the ujoint ends facing each other are turned 90 degrees.

If the binding cannot be eliminated, check that no ujoint is bending at more than a 35 degree angle.  Make sure the center section of the ujoint is not in contact with the pinion, column shaft, or DD shaft .  Check for a ujoint or shaft hitting a motor mount or exhaust header.  Also check that no part of the rack and pinion is hitting part of the car such as the oil pan, starter, or control arms.

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